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FinTech Trends 20236 min read

FinTech Trends 20236 min read

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FinTech Trends is today’s topic. The world met the term fintech in 2015. Since then, thanks to the rapid development of technology, it has become an indispensable method for many of us in fulfilling our financial needs.

The term basically refers to the combination of Financial Services and Technology. This technological innovation provides users with creative solutions like digital payments that enable them to perform traditional financial services in a much faster and more efficient way.

As the development of technology persists and needs are changeable, so are the fintech trends

Future of FinTech

As we are edging to 2023, it is now the time to evaluate fintech trends in order to make financial activities faster, easier and more streamlined. Here are some of them to follow in 2023.


  • Virtual Cards

 According to Google trends, the term Visual Card has gone up to 216%. Considering the rapid growth in the industry of digital banking and the users’ need to operate online; it is safe to say that visual cards will be in demand in 2023.

    • Embedded Finance 

This service can be perceived as an integration. The financial services or tools acquired through a bank are built into the products and services of a nonfinancial institution.

This enables users to facilitate financial transactions. According to the report of “Global Embedded Finance Market” in 2022 embedded market created a $241 billion value. It is expected to increase in 2023 too.

  • BNLP 

The abbreviation stands for the term Buy Now Pay Later. It can be defined as a form of embedded finance service. It enables customers to buy a product and pay for it later and generally does that by dividing the amount into small portions. It is expected to be a growing sector simply because of its popularity among X and Z generations. 

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology 

The history of cryptocurrencies has been shaky for the last few years. For some people they are even a bit intimidating, nevertheless more and more people adapt themselves to them every day. 2023 won’t be any different. It is more likely for them to become an even more popular and common way to make payments. 

  • Alternative Financing

As the defects of pandemic effects that we all have been experiencing still linger, the gap in the global economy keeps growing. This is where entrepreneurs need alternative financing options. Obviously, this need will pursue us in 2023 too. Alternative financing serves business funds by non-banking institutions. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

According to Google Trends the term “Artificial Intelligence in Banking”  has increased by 104% over the last five years. In other words Artificial Intelligence is assumed to make an appearance in 2023 Fintech Trends. Chatbots will continue to become more comprehensive and advanced. They may be the future phase of new customer services. 

  • Digital Payment

Last but not least there is no doubt that digital payment and transaction methods will be trends along in the upcoming year. Banking and finance sector become more and more integrated in online services every minute so it is easy to assume that there will be a demand for digital payment platforms.


Of course, It is not possible to know what the future holds here yet considering what we know we have a pretty good guess. As The Guardian Bank we are more than happy to help with our technological infrastructure and qualified staff.