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Offshore Bank Account in Amsterdam (Everything You Need To Know)13 min read

Offshore Bank Account in Amsterdam (Everything You Need To Know)13 min read

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Offshore bank account in Amsterdam is one of the digital banking services frequently preferred by users who want to do international banking.

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is also one of the countries that investors interested in international finance and finance are familiar with. If you are interested in finance, crypto, and stock trading, you might search for the term “tulipomania”. How do you do offshore banking in Amsterdam

What are the advantages and risks offered by offshore accounts? Can non-Dutch citizens open an Amsterdam offshore account? We will try to answer all these questions about offshore banking account in Amsterdam for you. Offshore banking in Amsterdam details and much more…

How to Open an Amsterdam Offshore Bank Account? 

As in other countries of the European Union, it is possible to open an offshore online banking account, Amsterdam offshore accounts, and traditional bank accounts in the Netherlands and Amsterdam.

Non-Dutch citizens who are not based in Amsterdam can also open a traditional bank account or Amsterdam offshore bank account in the country. First, you should research banks online or physically and apply in any way you wish. Required documents: 

  • Valid Identity Document: Your personal identification document 
  • Dutch Residence Permit: Copy of residence permit in the Netherlands, if you have it.
  • Citizenship Service Number: A citizenship number. You will receive it when you register with the Tax Office.
  • Proof of Address: May be a paid invoice 

Finally, if you are going to open an offshore banking account, remember that some banks in Amsterdam work by appointment for physical applications. 

How to Open an Offshore Banking Account?

Offshore bank accounts can be opened at banks in many capital cities, including Amsterdam. Amsterdam offshore banks (i.e. banks that agree to open this account type) work with an appointment system if you are going to make a physical application. 

Amsterdam offshore bank account can be easily opened by contacting banks physically or by submitting your documents online. 

Here, let’s briefly touch on offshore bank accounts and the benefits they offer to investors. Offshore bank accounts, offshore accounts or international bank accounts are bank accounts that offer many advantages to investors, can be opened from anywhere in the world, protect financial data and offer tax deductions. 

Accounts and financial transactions can be tracked by authorities and it is legal to open these accounts anywhere in the world, including Amsterdam. 

There are several ways you can execute financial operations like offshore banking in Amsterdam

First; researching countries and banks online, learning about their policies regarding offshore bank accounts and applying online. 

The second is to apply physically or with an intermediary (may be necessary to open an offshore account in Bulgaria). In Amsterdam, you may need to make a physical appointment with banks for this. 

You can use digital banking platforms. These platforms allow you to easily open an offshore bank account anywhere in the world without waiting for approval. 

This digital bank platform is very reliable and practical for those who are interested in the crypto market, who want to diversify their investments, who want to make foreign trade payments or who want to buy and sell real estate. 

When applying, keep in mind that banks and countries have different policies and requirements regarding offshore banking accounts. For example, the minimum deposit required to open an online offshore account in Amsterdam can vary. 

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Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in Amsterdam?

Yes, a foreigner (expat) can open a bank account in Amsterdam. However, opening an offshore or traditional bank account may not be an easy process for an expat. It is possible to encounter a similar situation in other European Union countries. 

Companies or individuals can open an account in Amsterdam. 

The Dutch Government offers foreigners (non-Dutch Citizens) the opportunity to open a bank account in Amsterdam. 

However, you may need to deposit a minimum of 250 million Euros in banks, especially for business accounts. If you are a person, various agents can provide you with a local IBAN account number that you can use in the country. 

So, it is possible to apply for offshore bank accounts (international bank accounts) in Amsterdam. However, the approval process, especially for these types of accounts, can be quite lengthy. Just like in other European Union countries…

So isn’t there an easier way to open an offshore account in Amsterdam

Of course there is. The Guardian Bank is a digital banking platform. It offers you many advantages such as tax reduction and free banking transactions. Its features attract the attention of investors from all over the world, and therefore the platform is used by many people. 

How to Open a Bank Account in Amsterdam as a Non-Resident?

In Amsterdam, you can open a bank account as an expat. If you apply face to face by making a physical appointment with the banks, the probability of your account application being accepted will increase significantly. 

You can also apply for offshore bank accounts in Amsterdam online. Most countries follow similar steps to open an online offshore bank account. You can search the policies, conditions and necessary documents of the banks online and apply. 

However, applying to banks in Amsterdam, traditional or physical (by appointment), does not mean that you can get approval from the banks. 

Those who want to open classical banking accounts or offshore online banking accounts in different countries can do so with different digital banking platforms. 

The Guardian Bank allows you to open an offshore banking account in many countries, including Amsterdam. It is possible to perform banking transactions online in different countries using the platform. 

What Transactions Can I Do with an Offshore Bank Account in Amsterdam?

Opening an offshore bank account in Amsterdam can be a bit of a hassle for a non-Dutch citizen. We talked about how you can open this type of bank account. 

Examine  The Guardian Bank digital banking platform and evaluate the advantages it offers you. 

So, what financial transactions does the offshore account in Amsterdam allow you to do? In fact, the answer to this question is almost the same as for an offshore account opened in other countries. 

When you open an offshore online banking account in Amsterdam, you can perform the following transactions:

  • Tax Advantage
  • Diversification of capital
  • Access to International Expert Investors
  • Financial Asset Security
  • Fixed Account Advantage
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Can I Open a Dutch Offshore Bank Account without Living in the Netherlands?

Yes, you can open an account with Dutch Banks even if you do not live in the Netherlands. These accounts opened by foreigners in the Netherlands are known as “international bank / banking accounts”, “onshore banking accounts” or offshore accounts. 

It is possible to open an account online or physically. If you wish, you can also use The Guardian Bank to open such an account. 

An online or face-to-face application can be made to open a conventional bank account in the Netherlands as a foreigner. However, banks can reject your account application as a foreigner. 

What are the Tips to Know Before Opening an Offshore Bank Account?

One of the most important tips to increase your account approval process is to meet face-to-face with banks, especially in Amsterdam. We mentioned that you need to make an appointment for this. 

Apart from that, complete documentation, a good business record, tax number and an invoice paid in Amsterdam can increase your chances of opening a bank account in Amsterdam more easily and conveniently. 

Of course, you should not forget about an option such as The Guardian Bank. In addition to the many financial advantages it offers, the digital banking platform also offers you the opportunity to open an offshore bank account in Amsterdam.